about ht&T

HT&T Truck Center began in 1946 as Hilo Transportation and Terminal Company, a hauling company serving customers in Hilo, Hawaii. In 1946, when a tsunami hit the island of Hawaii and destroyed tracks, bridges, and rolling stocks used to transport sugarcane by train from the Hamakua Coast to Hilo Harbor, HT&T was created to haul the sugarcane by truck, as well as to carry goods to tsunami-affected rural areas. Later, HT&T expanded to sell truck parts and provide repair and maintenance services.

For its first 53 years of existence, HT&T was a division of C. Brewer and its successor companies. In 1984, the company opened a dealership in Waipahu, Oahu, while the Hilo hauling operation was continued under C. Brewer, at that point renamed BEI, until eventually sold in 2003. In 1992 the dealership moved to its current location in Iwilei, Oahu, close to downtown Honolulu and Honolulu Harbor. HT&T is majority owned by Marathon Group, a local investment group, since 2002.

HT&T was created to haul the sugar cane by truck as well as to carry goods to the rural areas affected by the tsunami.

Today, HT&T is both successful and well known throughout local industry. HT&T is Hawaii’s largest full-service dealership for heavy- and medium-duty trucks, and the sole Hawaii authorized dealer for the Peterbilt, Isuzu, Autocar and McNeilus brands. For over 60 years, HT&T’s mission has been to assist customers in becoming successful within their business lines by understanding their unique transportation needs. The Company has continually evolved with Hawaii’s changing population and economy, providing customized service for truck purchases, parts and inventory control, service and maintenance.